B6868 N13198 N13189 R10867 E3142 N4857
Diamond Floral Stack Ring in 14K White Gold with 19 Diamonds Weighing .34 ct tw Diamond Side Cross Ring in 14K White Gold with 18 Diamonds Weighing .75ct tw Diamond Stack Bangle in 14K White Gold with 63 Diamonds Weighing .36 ct tw Diamond Antique Style Necklace in 14K White Gold with 46 Diamonds Weighing  .13ct tw Diamond Twisted Stackable Ring in 14K White Gold with 66 Diamonds Weighing .66ct tw. Black Diamond Open Circle Ring in 14K Yellow Gold with 26 Diamonds Weighing .12ct tw Diamond Roller Coaster Ring in 14K White Gold with 65 Diamonds Weighing .65ct tw Diamond Champagne and White Diamond Fashion Ring  in 14K Rose Gold with 115 Diamonds Weighing .71ct tw Diamond Bar Stack Ring in 14K White and Yellow Gold with 10 Diamonds Weighing .16 ct tw
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Diamond Mini Bow Necklace in 14k White Gold with 22 Diamonds weighing .10ct tw. Diamond Mini Disc Initial Diamond Roller Coaster Ring in 14K White Gold with 70 Diamonds Weighing 1.28ct tw Diamond Small Infinity Necklace in 14k White Gold with 25 Diamonds weighing .14ct tw. Diamond Cross Necklace in 14K White Gold with 11 diamonds weighing .44ct tw Diamond Disc Necklace in 14k White Gold with 54 Diamonds weighing 1.02ct tw. Diamond Snake Ring in 14K White Gold with 43 diamonds weighing .43ct tw Diamond Large Filigree Necklace in 14k White Gold with 32 Diamonds weighing .29ct tw. Diamond Moon And Star Earrings in 14K White Gold with 32 Diamonds Weighing .12 ct tw Diamond Triple Flower Ring in 14k Yellow and Rose Gold with 203 Diamonds weighing 1.01ct tw.
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KC Designs - Creator and Manufacturer of 14K Gold and Diamond Designer Jewelry


KC Designs is popular with women who love trendy and upbeat as well as classic jewelry. This would explain why their designs have a following among Hollywood elite, pop stars and models. Still, most of their designs are very affordable and young women who are looking for a piece of diamond jewelry that will grab people’s attention, and add to their beauty, can easily afford a KC Designs creation.

Their product line includes earrings, pendants, bangles, rings and necklaces and all are made in 14K white, yellow, or rose gold. Select items are also available in 18K gold.

Diamonds are the only gemstone used in their line and they appear in several colors including white, black, champagne and blue. Unlike other jewelry manufacturers, KC Designs only believes in using high quality diamonds that they can sell at affordable prices. All diamonds used in the production of their jewelry are Conflict Free (aka not Blood Diamonds).

The earrings and pendants collections are their best sellers. They are available in styles including hoop earrings, cross necklaces, diamond initial pendants and necklaces and other designs which come in all shapes and sizes.

The earrings and pendants are smartly matched in interchangeable sets featuring their charm collection. The 14k charms can be worn as pendants as well as earrings to match your everyday wear.

Their bangles and bracelets celebrate a new approach for women who can wear jewelry every day to work and then wear this same jewelry at night. These styles are very acceptable in the modern work place and fun for women to wear while playing at night. Included in this collection is their multicolored gold with diamonds bangle which allows ladies to create chic flowing combinations of slip on bangles for the arm and wrist.

KC Designs’ Diamond by the Yard necklaces are available in various lengths and with different combinations of diamonds. They have been worn by Hollywood Chic as well as the beautiful Sports Illustrated supermodels in recent issues.

The initial pendant line has become the benchmark for style in the jewelry industry. Initials come in block, script, baby block along with disc diamond initial pendants. The simple and elegant typewriter series has received rave reviews since its inception.

KC Designs’ initial necklaces represent the quintessential piece of jewelry to give to women for various reasons and on various occasions. They can be a graduation gift. They can be worn by a mother or grandmother who wants one or more initials for her children or grandchildren. Or they can be the simplest eye catching piece of jewelry that any beautiful woman wears.

The diamond ring collections are fashion forward and trendy with stackable rings which can also be worn as wedding bands.  Different color gold metals and diamonds throughout the collections are the trademark of KC Designs. Lenny Krol, who is the inspiration behind all the KC Designs Collections, cares immensely for the meticulous manufacturing of each and every piece he makes.

The KC Designs line of jewelry is available in major jewelry stores and online retailers throughout the USA, Canada, the UK and Japan and are also now appearing in the South American and Mexican markets.

KC Designs is a line of finely made jewelry that appeals to any woman of any age, who is young at heart. It is fun, classy, elegant, chic and forever new.