• ’PIN’pointing Safety


      The world is ever changing and as Americans it is our duty to unite and stand together as one in those times of difficult measure. A trend seen across the board worn by celebrities and influentials alike is simply sporting a safety pin to show you are one available…

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  • The Gift of Diamonds


    Nothing says timeless and classic like a diamond…introducing “My First Diamond” the perfect little necklace to begin a lifetime of the sparkling treasures we all know and love. Life is about celebrations, “firsts” in particular, let KC Designs bring the glistening glimmer of her first diamond set to last a…

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  • Her First Diamond


    Give the gift of her first diamond this holiday season…because after all diamonds are a girls best friend, right? A beautiful bezel set diamond suspended by a 14K gold chain is the perfect beginning to the start of a diamond collection…and for those planning to add to their favorite diamond…

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  • Small But Mighty


      The infamous reason we are all seeing safety pin inspired jewels pop up within media, sported by local celebrities, and promoted by your favorite designers, the answer is simply this…unity. By wearing this symbol you are representing unity and furthermore symbolizing that you are an ally for those who…

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  • It’s a Charmed Life


    In a time of need, a country must stick together for the purpose of the greater good and remember all in which our beautiful nation stands for. #KCDesignNYC new arrival, the Faith, Hope and Charity Charm Necklace (N2053) does just that! 3 sparkling charms compliment a beautiful 14K gold chain. For…

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