Chic and Fun Initial Charms and Necklaces

KC Designs has created a superbly beautiful line of initial necklaces to choose from. For example, check out the beautiful gold disc pendants with letters embellished in small and dainty diamonds. These discs are sweet and feminine and they are perfect for layering with other necklaces for a very modern and trendy look.

The great thing about wearing jewelry is that it allows you to express yourself in your own unique way. You can choose the styles of jewels that you want to adorn yourself with, creating your own style statement with your own chic sense of fashion and personal taste. A fantastic way to personalize your look even further is to wear initial jewelry.

Wearing your initials on a charm or a pendant will make your look totally "you" and will really create a buzz. With one of these gorgeous charms created by KC Designs, you can have a sweet personal piece of jewelry that will sparkle and shine, letting the whole world know who you are.

If you love the retro look of the font that old typewriters used back in the day, you might love the typewriter style diamond initial pendant offered by KC Designs. This funky and charming pendant features a little lowercase letter in typewriter font, which is embellished with shimmering diamonds. It is a very cute necklace and it makes a great gift for the literary lover.

The beautiful diamond initial jewelry created by KC designs is very popular with celebrities and several actresses and models have been spotted wearing them. American model Marisa Miller, known for being a Victoria's Secret Angel, has been seen wearing the KC Designs Diamond Block Initial Necklace. Another gorgeous American model, Bridget Hall, was also seen wearing a glittering "B" Diamond Block Initial Necklace from the same collection. These celebrities love to wear beautiful KC Designs jewelry and you can too!

Take a look at our selection of gorgeous necklaces with initials, from the simple gold disc initial pendant to the block initial necklace collection and much more. These necklaces are charming and timeless and they can be worn with a casual outfit to add a little sparkle or even worn with a dress for a special event. Whether your name is Alisha, Bethany, Charlotte or Danielle, you will find a beautiful and personal piece of jewelry to suit you.