KC Designs has created a line of initial pendants and necklaces that are made in 14K gold, white diamonds, and appear in a typewriter font. These chic and stylish necklaces embrace the initial necklace trend, but also give it a new twist with their typewriter font and sparkling diamonds. They are expertly crafted with only the finest materials, making them stand out from the rest and really make an impression on everyone you meet. Every pendant by KC Designs is made with beautiful diamonds and crafted with superb 14k white or yellow gold. When you look closely, you can see the difference in the fine workmanship that has gone into these designs.

The initial necklace trend is one of the hottest styles when it comes to jewelry these days and many celebrities have been spotted wearing these charming pendants. KC Designs offers a gorgeous range of diamond encrusted initial necklaces so that you can show off this fun and playful style as well. Our typewriter style necklaces are a very popular style and are sure to make a bold and beautiful style statement.

We have a great selection of beautiful typewriter necklaces. These chic necklaces are youthful and playful and they tap into the hot retro trend, echoing the old fashioned era of typewriters. They are classy remnants from another time and perfect for anyone who is in love with the retro-literature aesthetic. Each of these 26 letters is perfectly shaped and designed to look just like old fashioned typewriter font. However, instead of being printed in ink on the pages of an old musty book, these typewriter letters sparkle and shine with dozens of gorgeous diamonds.

You will look elegant and stylish when you wear your lower case initial on one of these sweet and charming typewriter pendants. They add a fabulous finishing touch to your look and give you that glamorous shimmer and shine. Look through the collection of gorgeous typewriter pendants that we have to offer and find the letter that stands for your name. Of course, you don�t have to stop there. Why not wear the initial of your special someone, so that you can show the world that you are in love? Or perhaps you could wear an initial pendant to show a connection to a very special family member? Whatever your initial necklace means to you, this beautiful and high quality piece of jewelry will last for many generations.