How do I clean my jewelry?


Each beautiful and timeless piece of jewelry in your collection should be cleaned with gentle care so that it will gleam with the brilliance it had when it was brand new.

Cleaning your jewelry is important as it not only helps it to look more radiant and polished, but also keeps it in good condition so that it is not damaged by oils, dirt and debris.

To avoid having to clean your jewelry often, it is important to keep it as clean as possible while you are wearing it. There are many environmental factors that your jewelry will be subjected to throughout the day which will cause it to become dirty and dull. With the right habits you can do your best to avoid this.

Keeping your precious jewelry and gemstones clean is an ongoing process that has to do with avoiding situations where these items could become damaged or dirty, such as when you are cleaning the house or cooking. When performing these tasks, take your jewelry off and put it in a safe place. You should avoid getting hair spray, perfume, cosmetics or other chemicals on your jewelry as this causes a buildup of grime that will take away from the natural sheen of the piece.[1]

Of course, no matter how careful you are you will eventually need to give your jewelry a good cleaning so that it looks brilliant and radiant again. Make sure that you follow the correct cleaning procedure so that you do not damage the jewelry and check with your jeweler if you are unsure or have any questions.


How to Clean Different Types of Jewelry


The correct method for cleaning your jewelry depends on the materials with which the jewelry is made. There are different cleaning instructions for each type of jewelry material, so take note before cleaning your pieces so that you do not cause them damage.


How should I clean Diamond jewelry?


First of all, never use chlorine bleach or other harsh household chemicals to clean your diamond jewelry, as this can damage and discolor the mounting. Instead, your diamonds should be cleaned regularly with a commercial jewelry cleaner, a diluted mix of ammonia and water or a very mild detergent.

The water and ammonia mixture should consist of one part ammonia and six parts cold water and you can place the diamond jewelry in a bowl of this solution for 30 minutes.[2]

Afterward, take the diamond jewelry out of the solution and use a soft brush to gently scrub the piece to dislodge dirt and debris that might have gathered under the setting. Be careful not to scrub too hard or you will scratch the metal. Afterward, always rinse the jewelry thoroughly and dry it before putting it back into storage. Avoid touching the diamond with your fingers; handle the piece by its edges instead.[3]


How should I clean Gold gold jewelry?


Gold is a soft and malleable metal and it can easily become scratched if it is not handled correctly. Make sure that you take extra care when cleaning your 14k and 18k gold jewelry.

There are many commercial cleaners available for cleaning gold jewelry at home. Usually, you can use a soft chamois cloth to polish your 14k and 18k gold to keep it looking shiny and lustrous. You can ask your jeweler for recommendations of which cleaner and cloth to use. If your 14k gold jewelry is tarnished, you can remove the tarnish by using water and soap mixed with a very small amount of ammonia (just a few drops). Brush the jewelry with this mixture, using a brush with soft bristles or an old toothbrush. Afterward, rinse the jewelry with lukewarm water and allow it to dry.[4]

You might also be able to use an ultra-sonic cleaning machine, but you should ask your jeweler for advice before doing so. You should also ask your jeweler before attempting to clean 14k or 18k gold jewelry that has colored gemstones as they require special cleaning procedures.

To keep your gold jewelry clean and protected from exposure to the elements, it should be kept within soft cloth bags or the original box you bought it in.[5]

Also, do not use paper towels when you are drying off your gold jewelry. The fibers in the paper towels can scratch the metal. Instead, use a cloth that is designed to be used with karat gold jewelry.[6]


How should I clean jewelry with precious gemstones?


Always do your best to protect your precious gemstones from potential impacts, as this could chip or damage the stone. Check the setting prongs and inspect the setting regularly so that you can have it repaired if it becomes loose. You should clean the jewelry when the stones begin to lose their sparkle or become dull.[7]

Some precious gemstones require extra special care when you are cleaning them to avoid damage. Ultrasonic cleaning is not recommended for many gemstones as it could damage them. Most gemstones can be cleaned with a non-abrasive jewelry cleaner, but you should confirm with your jeweler before going ahead. [8]